Tickkle: an Android application

Guwahati • 2016


The pet market in India has seen some rapid growth over the past few years. Although there are very few statistical data with authentic studies demonstrating actual market size of dog market in India, it still indicates a high penetration with market value of $270 million by 2019 (70% food market and 30% other services). The total number of pet dogs in India were reported 10.2 million in 2012 which is expected to grow 15% every year. Moreover, 58.1% of growth in 5 years (2007-2012) was reported which is expected to grow even more with increased purchasing power capacity and spending abilities. The $270 million market consists of pet food (70%) and other services (30%). India ranked 7th worldwide with more than 10.2 million pet dogs in 2012 [4]. Surprisingly, the total number of dogs in India have increased to 58.1% in past five years (2007-2012) which is the highest across the world.

Despite sufficiently high number of pet dogs and trends of increased penetration, the industry still suffers from several bottlenecks and still disorganised. A very few interventions are existent to support the pet dog ecosystem which can empower dog owners with easy, reliable and complete pet care services. There is an urgent need for an intervention in the domain of pet care.